■ Introduction

You can download free sound effects on this site.

Please use the content creation, game, FLASH, computer graphics, homepage.

Sound effect file format is MP3, bitrate is 128 kbps.

■ Statute

Sound effects copyright belong to a rental sound.

Please do not link directly to the sound effects.

Please do not redistribute the sound effects.

Sound effects you can use either of personal and commercial.

There is a case to change without notice, additional terms and conditions.

■ Sound effects

Electronic sound… This is the electronic sound effect sound.

Machine… Is the sound on the computer and mechanical effects.

Instrument… Is the sound effects using instruments such as the glockenspiel and bells.

Animal… Is the sound effects of dogs, birds and other animals.

Natural… Is the sound effects on the natural river and wind.

Human… Is the sound effects on the people, such as footsteps and applause.

Menu… Is the sound effects, such as cursor movement and sound decisions.

Comical… It is comical sound effects used in animation.

8bit sound (1)… Sound effect of NES style is (1).

8bit sound (2)… Sound effect of NES style is (2).

■ Music Box

R3 Music Box… This is a YouTube channel that delivers the music box arrange songs.

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